translations of my books

I’ve been pretty fortunate with translations of my books.  Here are some stats and details [updated March 2017]:

My work, at present, has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Farci (Persian), French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Macedonian, Croatian, Russian, Turkish, and Arabic.

A few covers follow …

The Consciousness Plague - Polish editionCellphone - Polish editionDigital McLuhan - Japanese edition
The Soft Edge - Portuguese editionThe Soft Edge - 1st Polish editionThe Silk Code - Polish editionDigital McLuhan - Romanian editionDigital McLuhan - Chinese editionNewNew New Media

Human Replay: Chinese edition

The Plot to Save Socrates photo 8f1b24a4-80af-464d-8093-a9f140889bc5_zpslv5t9ftr.jpg photo e2f41832-9edd-4cd6-bdc7-140a5471709f_zpsxasqnahf.jpg